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Green Leaf Premium Electronic Cigarettes Starter Kits Offered in Tobacco or Menthol Flavor
Won't stain your teeth, won't cause bad breath, no second hand smoke or odors, won't cause your cloths to smell.

Our Green Leaf E-Cigs are Free of :
Tar, Carbon Monoxide, Second-hand Smoke, Flame, fire or Ash, Lingering Smoke Odors, Carcinogens.


Green Leaf: Premium Pro Kit
Kits come with 18mg cartridges in Regular or Menthol

1- Green Leaf Pro Battery
1- Clear Atomizer with screw on Black tip
1- USB Charger
1- Rugged Carrying Case

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How to Use your Green Leaf Pro Kit Unit

To Turn On: Press round small button 6 times. It will flash blue a few times and is now on and ready to use. For Storage longer than a few hrs or to travel with please turn unit off by pressing the round button 5 times and unit will flash and turn off.

To Charge:Unscrew top cartomizer from bottom atomizer unit and screw onto usb unit. Plug into computer or Android or Apple wall charger. Atomizer will light up red when charging. Charging takes approx 1-3 hrs to charge and will flash red or green at end of charge to notify you that
charge is complete.

Filling Unit: Using any other E-liquid than Green Leaf will void unit. Fill unit only to 1.2ML for optimal result and to avoid overfilling and leakage.To fill unit unscrew top mouth piece and drip E-liquid a few drops at a time with battery facing down. Do not disconnect cartomizer and atomizer unit when filling.

All the units are tested before shipping. A little clear E-liquid is inserted as default inside of cartomizer so wick does not dry out.


Green Leaf: Starter Kit
Kits come with 18mg cartridges in Regular or Menthol

1- Atomizers with Battery and Led Tip Light for Realistic Look
1- Portable USB Charger
2- 18mg High Tobacco OR Menthol Flavor Cartridges

Product Features:
- 300 Puffs Per Cartridge
- Less Messy (no liquid refill kits)
- 2-Piece Built in Atomizer
- Long Lasting Battery, Grade A Lithium Ion Battery

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Green Leaf E-Cigarette Starter Kit Instructions

Step 1: Review Components of the Electronic Cigarette
The Black Dragonand green Leaf 2-part electronic cigarette and hookah is comprised of the cartridge (inhaler and liquid container are packaged as one piece), battery and indicator light.

Step 2: Charging the Batteries
The next step to using the Black Dragon electronic cigarette is charging the special rechargeable lithium batteries. Insert a battery component in the charger, turning clockwise to screw in. The initial charge can take up to 3 hours.

Step 3: Connect the Cartridge to the Battery
Remove the cartridge from the cellophane wrapper and screw the cartridge on clockwise to the battery. For more airflow you can slightly unscrew the cartridge from the battery so that it has a loose fit. This allows for more airflow and more vapor.

2-part Technology (battery component and atomized cartridge/filter)
offers the best smoking experience with its disposable all-in-one atomized cartridge/filters. This all-in-one atomized cartridge/filter provides a new and clean smoking experience each time the cartridge/filter is replaced, and eliminates any need for the maintenance of a separate atomizer unit.

Battery Charge Longevity
The battery will last approximately 12 hours to 1 day before recharging is required, depending upon the intensity of usage. Longevity is impacted by the intensity of the puffs and will vary by individual. We encourage you to carry an extra battery during anticipated times of high usage. Additional batteries can be purchased by going to our accessories product page. Charge a new battery initially for about 3 hours. Subsequent recharges should take about 2 hours. A battery can be recharged approximately 300 times. We also offer Auto Chargers and USB Chargers for your convenience, which can be purchased on the accessories page.


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